Reinvent the Corporation and Restore Moral Worth to Everyone

Create a More Inclusive Economy;
Reinvent the Corporation and Restore Moral Worth to Everyone

A Review of
Saving Capitalism for the Many, Not the Few (2015) 279pp.
Robert Reich

Synopsis: The economic issues of our time are “profoundly moral” ones, according to Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy who has served in three national administrations and written 14 books. Reich points to the false “myth of meritocracy” which justifies our current economic situation and assumes that “one’s income reflects one’s virtue and [one’s] net worth one’s moral worth.” Continue reading

Human Consciousness and Solving Global Problems

Can Human Consciousness Rise to a Level Where We Can Collectively Solve Our Looming Global Problems?

Hello, if you’re like me, you worry that humanity may not be up to the task of confronting and solving our many global problems. Lately, however, I’m more optimistic. That’s because I’m tracking a number of spiritually- or morally-based practical visionary solutions to these global issues. Continue reading

A Short History of Racism in Portland and in Oregon

Spirituality calls us to be “inclusive” — to treat everyone we encounter with understanding and acceptance, if possible, and especially those quite different from ourselves, for whatever reason. But inclusiveness may be more difficult in Portland than in other cities, especially the inclusiveness that involves different races and peoples. Continue reading