Olympian Hermes: God of Fortune, Travel, and Knowledge

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
April 30, 3:00 PM  •  Presented by Patricia Fulbright

Ancient Greeks honored Hermes as “the friendliest of gods to men and most generous giver.” He sometimes offers us good fortune with unexpected rewards and recognition: a bonus or promotion at work, first prize in a game, good luck in love matters. But this mercurial god might instead favor the thief, robber, cheat, or con artist. Hermes conveys messages from the gods to humans and guides travelers, particularly those souls on their journey from earth to the realms of Hades. He is both inventor of the alphabet and musical scales and teacher of hidden wisdom and occult knowledge.

This lecture will explore the character and deeds of Hermes, together with his relationship to the Egyptian gods Thoth and Anubis, and to the Hindu god Pushan.

Patricia Fulbright has taught mythology and literature at Clark College. She is a lifelong student of Neoplatonic philosophy and ancient Greek literature.