Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
April 9, 3:00 PM  •  Presented by Morelle Forster

Pythagoras, the Adept, was one of the truly great figures of history. Most of us know very little about him, and what we do know about him is usually confined to scattered bits of information — his philosophy, his ability with numbers and his formulation of ‘that theorem’, his music, and his birth in Samos. Very few of us have a more comprehensive view of him, e.g., the power of his intellect and heart, his marriage, his school, his educational methods, and his influence on government. Also, not many of us know that the Oracle of Delphi told his young parents, even before they had conceived him, that they would have ‘a son who will be useful to all men for all time.’

This talk, while only covering a very small portion of his achievements, aims to look more closely at the man and his philosophy, to give him some personality and context, so that we can begin to intuit a little of his greatness. They were certainly turbulent times, and that turbulence resumed after his death, and the little oasis of light he created in its midst was swamped. However, his teachings and his influence very much survived.

Morelle Forster, MA, CQSW, LPC (VA), is a counselor, psychotherapist and author. She emigrated from the UK to the US seven years ago and now practices as a Life Coach. Her interests include connecting with nature (she does not believe a harmonious life can be achieved without a strong connection to the world of nature), studying American Indian philosophy, as well as the lives of great teachers.