Sunday Afternoon Public Program Schedule, February – April 2018

February – April 2018

Here is our complete schedule from February 4 through April 22. Please check the News page for updates. Each upcoming Public Program will be announced there one week in advance, in addition to any time changes, cancellations, etc.

February 4

Fundamentals of Theosophy – KHARMA/DHARMA // DHARMA/KHARMA – Group Study

It can be said that “kharma” and “dharma” represent two Theosophical sides of the same “coin.” These two ancient laws are intrinsically linked as the primary, impersonal forces shaping all past, present, and future life cycles. Kharma has often been defined as “fate” and Dharma as “duty,” but these definitions can be sometimes misleading. In Theosophy, Kharma expresses the impartial, scientific law of “cause and effect,” or “for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction,” on the external plane. The neutral law of Dharma refers to the state of the true nature on the internal plane of an individual or being, as well as the law governing the next stage of its unfolding or evolution. Dharma relates to inner truth: what is right for one individual is wrong for another. Join us as we explore the profound implications of these two laws from the perspective of the individual, family, and nation states.

February 11


The destiny of the soul is to creatively express its wisdom as an act of service to humanity. When this is done with loving heart and purpose, an individual’s influence in the world is uplifting and profound. In this talk, William Meader will reveal how to more effectively manifest the soul’s creative intention. This will involve a deep and profound look at the steps to be followed in the ancient art of spiritual magic (creativity). He will also reveal how to recognize the soul in the day-to-day aspects of life.

William Meader is formally trained in The Esoteric Philosophy and has developed a reputation for his ability to communicate the complexities of this philosophy. His talents as a presenter have resulted in him being one of the most influential and respected teachers of the Ageless Wisdom. He is an international presenter of a wide variety of esoteric topics to audiences in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where he works to assist his students in the development of their higher, abstract minds. He is the author of ‘Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny’ as well as many articles focusing on communicating his deep understanding of Esoteric subjects. For more information about his work, please visit Emergent Light.

February 18


The most significant teachings of H.P. Blavatsky’s ground-breaking work, The Secret Doctrine, are presented and discussed as to their relevance and practical application in these complex times. We will focus especially on the ideas that form the major keynotes of the work which help keep us centered and from becoming overwhelmed by the more erudite, esoteric teachings contained in the work. Such teachings as the Oneness of Life, the Law of Periodicity, Reincarnation and Karma, Consciousness, the Nature of Maya, for instance, will be considered individually as to their relevance and usefulness in the 21st century. In addition, this teaching with regard to the existence of invisible Intelligences, called Dhyan Chohans in the East, and Divine Messengers/Angels in the West, will be touched upon, especially the role of the Solar Angels and their connection with the Higher Self in every human being.

Fiona C. Odgren’s interest in spirituality was originally awakened in childhood and awakened further in her 20s when she met her spiritual mentor and future husband who placed her foot on the path of Theosophy and the Ageless Wisdom. Her career in the fields of music and special education proved invaluable for her later work in developing public programs on the teachings of Theosophy which has spanned 30 years. For 16 years she was a writer and editor for a modest Theosophical magazine called Pathways. Fiona is currently president of The Theosophical Society, Victoria, BC, Canada, and has published recently two theosophical thematic compilations: Insights From the Masters based on The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett and Timeless Truths of The Secret Doctrine.

March 4

Fundamentals of Theosophy – REINCARNATION – Group Study

Several ancient religions, philosophies, and schools of thought, including Theosophy, accept the concept of Reincarnation as a logical alternative to just having one chance, or life cycle, to “get it right” on the spiritual plane. As expressed in the Third Proposition of Theosophy, each of us, as “sparks” of the Divine, must embark on an obligatory pilgrimage, or journey, through many cycles of incarnations in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Do we retain any memories from these past lives? If so, how do they manifest in our present life? Please join us for a group discussion on this very significant topic.

March 18


Ancient Egypt was an object of fascination in Western Europe even before the first known record of the tarot in 1440, but it wasn’t until 1781 that anyone declared it to be originally Egyptian. The result was a flowering of the “Egyptian” tarot, an unveiling as it were of its secrets, assisted by images based on actual finds in Egypt. Mr. Howard will give visual examples and then turn to the tarot before 1781 for further allusions to Egypt, not because the tarot originated there, but to satisfy those fascinated by that civilization. Special attention will be given to the goddess Isis.

Michael S. Howard, Ph.D. graduated from Reed College and has Ph.D.s from Cornell University (philosophy) and Pacifica Graduate Institute (clinical psychology).  He has taught at the State University of New York at Albany and Portland State University. He is a long-time member of the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church in Portland, where he gives occasional slide presentations on spiritual themes. He is affiliated with Trionfi, a tarot history organization based in Germany, and L’Associazione Culturale Le Tarot in Italy, for whom he helps with Italian to English translations. On a recent trip to Italy, he made a point of going to “Cupid and Psyche” fresco cycles, of which there were more than he realized.

March 25


Nothing is more relevant during times of transition and chaos than refining one’s understanding of the mission of the Mother of the World. Central to its meaning is the idea of “spirit-creativeness” endowed by the Feminine Principle. In its more evolutionary sense, it declares the New Era as the “Age of Woman.” This message is to inspire the awakening of spirit-creativeness in all people. The key is to seek inspirational insights, messages and signs of higher consciousness and its Source. No longer will it be sufficient to rely on conventional knowledge alone; only innovative answers revealing higher wisdom in elevation of all areas of life including political, spiritual, social, work, relationship and/or family, can bring humanity towards its destined future in the New Era. This entails finding ways of creating peaceful co-existence among all peoples in the spirit of joy, harmony and compassion for all.

In this lecture, we will explore the deeper meaning of the mission of the Mother of the World in relationship to the Feminine and Masculine Principles comprising the twofold origin of the universe and its indestructible cosmic law. We will examine the power of balance and equilibrium underlying this law in order to grasp the undeniable necessity of focusing on the Feminine Principle as the next step in human evolution in the New Era.

Ursula Velonis, Ph.D., has served as a psychotherapist and life coach in the United States and Canada for over 30 years. Her practice centers on holistic approaches from self-awareness and mindfulness to psycho-synthesis and cognitive methods for personal and spiritual growth. Her long-term meditation and Higher Self Yoga practice prepared her to facilitate and lead workshops, seminars and meditation courses in the United States, Canada, Holland and India. She is the author of several books on integral ethics, meditation and evolutionary peace leadership.

April 1

Fundamentals of Theosophy – THE IMPORTANCE OF MEDITATION – Group Study

Meditation should not necessarily be equated with concentration, but, instead is a method of gradually opening our higher minds on a daily basis to connect to the One, Unified, Absolute Reality. The main obstacle to achieving realization of our True Self is our day-to-day identification with the impermanent, physical planes of our existence (like our bodies, our emotions, and our cursory, fleeting thoughts) as being “real” or permanent. Please join us for a discussion of the various types of meditation and the importance of its practice.

April 8


We’ll first run through an overview of the basic history of the last 150 years of the evolution of alleged “free energy” devices and ideas – from the work of the mysterious John Keely (who Madame Blavatsky wrote about so extensively in her classic book The Secret Doctrine), the iconic, super-genius inventor Nikola Tesla, and the mystical early 20th century, implosive energy scientists Walter Russell and Viktor Schauberger. Then we will cover the work of Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone, and continue to the work of more recent inventors – from the radiant energy device of Moray B King to ‘Sparky’ Sweet’s oscillating magnets, and the developments of Stanley Meyers, Eugene Mallove, and a few others as key samples of the thousands at work in the free energy field today.

What is really meant by “free energy”? What does zero point energy mean? And why are pulsed, rotating plasma vortices seemingly involved in all of the zero point harnessing technologies that are consistently claimed to really work? We’ll answer these questions as well as reviewing the primary established routes for attaining “free energy” or so called over-unity – from magnet-based devices and radiant plasma torsion fields to the water based approaches, such as sonoluminescence, Brown’s gas (HHO) and, of course, developments in “cold fusion” – and how this all may play out in the context of the developing field of nanotechnology. We’ll also briefly touch on consistently related, “far out” phenomena of anti-gravity propulsion, elemental transmutation, and maybe even mind control and weather manipulation.

For me, this is a super fascinating field that involves not just technology, mysticism, and health, but also alleged conspiracies of suppression, and more controversy than anyone could ever ask for – and that may just hold the future fate of humankind in its hands.   I hope you’ll find this paradigm-challenging topic exciting and deeply engaging too!

Steve Herrington is a local Portland artist, author, and student of multicultural esoteric traditions.

April 22


Leonardo, Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Newton – their brilliant achievements remain benchmarks of human excellence.  These giants are children of the Renaissance, an intellectually dynamic era illuminated by masterpieces of ancient Greek and Roman thinkers whose works, once thought lost to the West, were rediscovered and celebrated.  Yet another almost forgotten inheritance empowering Renaissance ideas, values, and visions sprang from an array of Hermetic, alchemical, and Sufi wisdom traditions.

This presentation will introduce and explore several Hermetic, alchemical, and Sufi works inherited by and expressed in Renaissance arts and writings.  Highlights include the Grail Quest, veneration of the Virgin Mary, and the cult of courtly love.

Patricia Fulbright has taught mythology and literature at Clark College.  She is a lifelong student of Neoplatonic philosophy and ancient Greek literature.