Sunday Afternoon Public Program Schedule, Oct. 2017 – Jan. 2018

October 2017 – January 2018

Here is our complete schedule from October 15 through January 31. Please check the News page for updates. Each upcoming Public Program will be announced there one week in advance, in addition to any time changes, cancellations, etc.

October 15


One Life Source/One Life Force: The concept of Unity, or the one Unified Absolute Reality, expresses the first of the three fundamental Theosophical Propositions. It has been said that latent in every atom of the universe is the universe itself. Despite the infinite variations of the outer physical forms, or “shells,” the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms are all tangible manifestations of this underlying Reality. There really is no such thing as “dead matter.” We will discuss and explore this scientific Proposition and its spiritual ramifications, relating to our understanding of our existence on this planet.

October 22

YOUR LIVING DHARMA – Ursula Velonis, Ph.D.

We are all familiar with the esoteric meaning of dharma. By using the conception of “Your Living Dharma,” you are invited to learn about and experience an Essential Heart centered application. We’ll focus on how to make your Living Dharma the center of your life by introducing you to some practical tools that have the function to stabilize your essential consciousness within your Heart. Focusing on the Essential Heart in this way allows you to open the pathway towards Freedom and Wholeness linked to the Higher Worlds and Hierarchy of Light. Essential Heart centeredness, when affirmed and stabilized, allows you to remain authentically grounded as well as linked to your Higher Self in your daily life at any moment.

Ursula Velonis, Ph.D., has served as a psychotherapist and life coach in the United States and Canada for over 30 years. Her practice centers on holistic approaches from self-awareness and mindfulness to psychosynthesis and cognitive methods for personal and spiritual growth. Her long-term meditation and Higher Self Yoga practice prepared her to facilitate and lead workshops, seminars and meditation courses in the United States, Canada, Holland and India. She is the author of several books on integral ethics, meditation and evolutionary peace leadership.

October 29

Fundamentals of Theosophy – THE SECOND FUNDAMENTAL PROPOSITION – Group Study

What do high and low tides, night and day, and life and death, for example, all have in common? They are manifestations of the Second Proposition, or, more specifically, the Universal Law of Periodicity. This Law, which is discernible on all levels of Nature and life on this planet, exemplifies the concept of constant Abstract Space and Abstract Motion, or the Great Breath, in and out. It might be easy to take the influence of this Law for granted, since it is so closely interwoven into our daily lives on the physical plane. However, once acknowledged, its acceptance can enhance our understanding of the rhythm of our endeavors and evolution and influence our actions and “footprints.” We will discuss the implications of this Proposition on our lives in this world.

November 5


Theosophical teachings posit the existence of a parallel evolutionary scheme to that of human beings, populated by nonphysical intelligences that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of life on our planet and its associated nonphysical realms–the deva evolution. The term deva is Sanskrit for “shining one,” and is roughly equivalent to what Westerners call angels. This evolution, which includes nature spirits at the lower end and mighty archangelic beings at the upper end, has exerted a fascination for composers for centuries, challenging them to depict such beings, their nonphysical realms of being, and the states of consciousness associated with them. Come listen to music inspired by nature spirits and devas!

Kurt Leland is a National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America. He is also an award-winning composer and the author of eight books. His latest is Rainbow Body: A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan, published in November 2016. He has also compiled and annotated Invisible Worlds: Annie Besant on Psychic and Spiritual Development (2013). On September 30 – October 1, 2017, he will co-chair an international conference in London on the life and work of Annie Besant, second International President of the Theosophical Society, in honor of the 170th anniversary of her birth on October 1.

November 12


Living in right relationship to others and the planet through an understanding of harmlessness and goodwill to all is quite relevant for ourselves and the world today. Quotes from Alice Bailey and other Ageless Wisdom teachers will be discussed in an effort to consider our own path of harmlessness and goodwill.

Diane McKeag has been interested in right relationship since she graduated from college and taught emotionally impaired children in public and private schools. She has been a student of Alice Bailey for the last 15 years and more recently of the writings of Lucille Cedercrans. She teaches these concepts through her “Esoteric Healing and Ageless Wisdom” classes.

November 19


In tracing the esoteric history of American music, Theosophy is a pervasive influence. Its influence on American music began around the turn of the 19th century, almost immediately after The Theosophical Society was founded in 1875. Its influence continued into the 1970s, if not beyond. From the psychic pianism of Francis Grierson to the angelic visions of William Grant Still, Theosophy was embraced and championed by American composers, whose timeless radicalism often lost them to history. This lecture will look into the creative processes of these composers in relation to Theosophical philosophy and American identity. We’ll listen to their music, view archival documents, and speculate on the esoteric nature of our auditory imagination.

Matt Marble is a composer and writer currently living in Portland, Oregon. He earned a B.A. in Speech and Hearing Science at Portland State University and a Ph.D. in Music Composition at Princeton University. His doctoral dissertation, Buddhist Bubblegum, explored the role of esoteric Buddhism in the creative process of Arthur Russell. Ben Ratliff of the New York Times described Buddhist Bubblegum as “groundbreaking work.” Other writings on esotericism and music have been published in print via Abraxas Journal and The Open Space, as well as digitally via Ear|Wave|Event and, most recently, Desert Suprematism. Please visit:

November 26

Library closed for Thanksgiving Holiday. No public program.

December 3

Fundamentals of Theosophy – THE THIRD FUNDAMENTAL PROPOSITION – Group Study

The Cyclic Law of the Universe and Identity with the Oversoul: The Third Proposition states that we each are connected as a spark of the Divine to the Universal Oversoul. As such, every spark, or soul, must travel through its own specifically designated time span or cycle in this world until that spark is “extinguished” and returns to be absorbed into the Oversoul. How does this last Proposition affect our attitude to our own current personal journey and purpose? How can our day-to-day thought patterns, decisions, attachments, and goals be affected by a deeper understanding of these repetitions in regards to our future cycles? We will consider the significance of this Proposition’s impact and importance relative to our daily, yearly, and life cycles.

December 23 through January 2

Library closed for the holidays. No public programs.

January 7

Fundamentals of Theosophy – THE THEOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MAN AND HIS SEVEN FIELDS – Group Study

Interpenetrating the dense matter of our physical world are other “higher” planes or fields composed of finer grades of matter vibrating at higher frequencies. In the same way, man also has “higher” fields composed of these finer grades of matter interpenetrating his dense, physical body, or “vehicle.” Today’s study group discussion will cover man’s seven fields and their conveyances, or vehicles of expression.

January 14


The electrical qualities of our human bodies are in some ways more significant than the biochemical factors affecting our health — after nearly a century of suppression the powerful technologies of electro-medicine are now reemerging into public awareness! Electrons are constantly flowing throughout our bodies — and not just through the nervous system, but through our veins, arteries, connective tissues and even our bones. Electro-medicine works through this innate bio-electrical system and there’s a considerable variety of well-established but little known technologies that can help to bring about seemingly miraculous healing.

From the relatively simple low-current ‘zappers’ believed to kill viruses and other pathogens — and Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES) instruments demonstrated to enhance mood, sleep and general mental functioning — to Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) devices that boost many aspects of health through magnetism — a number of applications are demonstrating the validity of the electro-medical approach. One of the electromedicine approaches I’m personally most excited about is the locally developed Frequency Specific Microcurrent™ — an approach that promises radical and quick healing of inflamed joints and muscles as well as damaged organs and even emotions. This powerful cure for difficult conditions such as fibromyalgia and shingles has close ties to this very Theosophical Lodge and celebrated member Harry Van Gelder, who was a central figure in its development! We’ll look at these approaches as well as the more esoteric plasma-based approach of Rifing as well as the extremely simple but very potent approach of ‘Earthing’ — connecting to the rich electron supply of the Earth itself by practices as basic as walking barefoot in the grass.

We’ll also explore the little-known ways that electricity is always acting in our bodies and the conductive, resonant, piezoelectric and even antenna-like qualities of many of our tissues — the biological qualities that make the great healing potential of electromedicine possible. We’ll also briefly survey the history of electro-medicine from the use of electric eels in Ancient Egypt to the field’s reemergence in the late 19th century; as well as the dangers posed by the modern deluge of electro-pollution via high-power lines, wifi and otherwise. There will also be a variety of electromedicine devices to check out and suggestions on how you can follow up with further exploration into this fascinating ‘new’ field.

Steve Herrington is a local Portland artist, author, and student of multicultural esoteric traditions.

January 21


For more than a thousand years (1400 BCE-400 CE) near Athens, the Eleusinian Mysteries, a ritual lasting nine days, offered Greek-speaking people a life-changing spiritual initiation. Of it the playwright Sophocles says, “Thrice-blessed are those mortals who have seen these rites and thus enter into Hades (the Underworld), for them alone there is life, for the others all is misery.”

This presentation will explore the myths, traditions, and ritual events surrounding the transformational experience at Eleusis. Highlights include the goddesses Demeter and Persephone, evidence for the use of hallucinogenic drugs by initiates, and the significance of the Mysteries.

Patricia Fulbright has taught mythology and literature at Clark College.  She is a lifelong student of Neoplatonic philosophy and ancient Greek literature.