The Universal Law of Periodicity

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
November 4, 2:00 PM • Group study hosted by Lee Haga

Fundamentals of Theosophy: What do high and low tides, night and day, and life and death all have in common? They are manifestations of the Second Proposition, i.e., the Universal Law of Periodicity. This Law, which is discernible on all levels of Nature and life on this planet, exemplifies the concept of Abstract Space and constant Abstract Motion, or the Great Breath, in and out.

It might be easy to take the influence of this Law for granted, since it is so closely interwoven into our daily lives on the physical plane. However, once acknowledged, its acceptance can enhance our understanding of the rhythm of our endeavors and its influence on our actions and “footprint.” Please join us for this discussion!

Lee Haga has been a member of the Theosophical Society in America since 1979, She enjoys moderating group discussions on esoteric topics.