Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.d. & Richard Smoley: Exploring The Nature Of Reality

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What is the fundamental nature of reality? Philosophers and scientists tend to give very different answers to this question. The materialist view of many physicists and scientists tells us that energy and matter are fundamental, implying that physical reality is ultimately what is real. On the other hand, idealists believe that consciousness and the mind are the fundamental reality. Idealists argue that things like particles and brain matter are actually best thought of as ideas in consciousness.

Richard Smoley, editor of Quest: Journal of the Theosophical Society in America will share a dialogue with CERN scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D. to explore a wide range of questions regarding the human condition, the nature of reality, the hard problem of consciousness, and the paradoxes of quantum mechanics. They will also discuss the great opportunities for spiritual growth open to humanity at this critical time.

Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D. is the executive director of Essentia Foundation. His work has been dedicated to leading the modern renaissance of metaphysical idealism: the notion that reality is essentially mental. Bernardo has doctorates in philosophy and computer engineering. He has worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories. His ideas have been presented in Scientific American, the Institute of Art and Ideas, the blog of the American Philosophical Association, and Big Think, among others. For more information, visit

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