Mitch Horowitz: The State Of The Occult 2022

Photo of Mitch Horowitz

Learn more about the history, theory, and practice of the occult movement with Mitch Horowitz’s 12-part course Modern Occultism, available on Vimeo!

As we’re heading toward a new year are we also heading toward a new epoch? In this public presentation, historian and popular voice of esoteric ideas Mitch Horowitz considers the current state of metaphysics and whether we are turning a corner in our understanding of the human psyche. Mitch considers how recent developments in psychical research, interdimensional studies, the UFO thesis, and mind-body medicine are leading us toward a new estimation of human nature that may prove as radical to our time as Darwinism did to the Victorian era. Presented on November 18, 2021.

This special talk also heralds the launch of Mitch’s acclaimed Modern Occultism course as a 12-part streaming series on Vimeo, and highlights some of its key themes.

A widely known voice of esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, lecturer-in-residence at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America, The Miracle Club, and the forthcoming Daydream Believer. The Washington Post says Mitch “treats esoteric ideas and movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness that is too often lost in today’s raised-voice discussions.” Mitch’s books have appeared in Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. He received the Walden Award for Interfaith Understanding. China’s government has censored his work.

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