Occultism Today: Mitch Horowitz & Richard Smoley in Conversation

a photo of Mitch Horowitz

Join us for a preview of Mitch Horowitz’s upcoming Modern Occultism class—kicked off with a free discussion between Mitch and esoteric scholar Richard Smoley.

Mitch and Richard will discuss the themes and state of occultism in our world today, and preview some of the content of Mitch’s upcoming twelve-week course.

Among their topics will be:

  • How does the mainstreaming of UFOs impact the occult today?
  • Has technology aided or deterred the esoteric search?
  • Are we poised for a new epoch of seeking—or a return to “Satanic Panic” style reactivity?
  • Are there great teachers among us today?

There will be ample time for questions and exchange with participants. Don’t miss this preview of Modern Occultism with a serious and lively dialogue between two of today’s most formative voices of the esoteric.

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