The Seven Rays: Divine Expression Taking Form

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Seven streams of consciousness, understood in esoteric traditions, as The Seven Rays, underlie all aspects of manifestation. In this program we will explore the energy of the Seven Rays, the qualities and expression of each ray, and examples of the ray’s expression in sound, color, nature, personality and even the soul itself.

In this 90-minute talk we will explore the Seven Rays and how understanding this ancient body of knowledge reveals profound clues to life and consciousness. Manifestation of the Seven Rays will be presented along with keywords to describe each ray’s qualities, astrology, representative historical figures, vocations, and personality and soul expression.

Therese Rossignol is a life-long student of spirit. She has been a student of Theosophy and the Ageless Wisdom for 12 years, studying independently through the Morya Federation and William Meader. Through Soul Bridging (, Therese works to bring the Ageless Wisdom to those awakening to their higher spiritual purpose. Through Esoteric Astrology and The Seven Rays or Rayology Therese works to help others better understand their soul’s purpose and the journey of becoming the soul and living more light-filled lives.

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