Theosophy: The Nine Stages of Meditation

The Ten Largest, No. 2, Childhood

There are numerous paths of self-discovery that lead to a union with God and the Divine. Meditation is one such path. Using a Tibetan thangka with its pictorial imagery, we will explore the various stages of meditation as set down by the ancient traditions in India and Tibet. There are 9 distinct stages, which can still find resonance here in our 21 st century lives.

In this talk, we will draw connections with various stages of discipleship and spiritual initiation and understand how the power of thought, mantras, and affirmations play a role in personal transformation.

David Hopper has been a student of the esotericism for over 40 years. He has given presentations to numerous groups and organizations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Russia, and is a regular speaker at the 7 Ray Conference in Chandler, AZ. Over the years, he has published articles in the esoteric magazine “The Beacon” and written three books:

David completed the Arcane School 2009 and is on the faculty for the Morya Federation online Esoteric School. He is retired as a technical writer for software and has a B.A. in the Russian Language. Other interests involve traveling, hiking, bicycle riding, watching movies with spiritual themes and talking to anyone on subjects that expresses and fosters goodwill and awareness, especially relating to international affairs.

Illustration of the Nine Stages of Meditation

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