Maria Zilka: Tapping Into Intuition

Akira Hojo on Unsplash

Maria Zilka will provide her professional insight into the intricate balance of the Autonomic Nervous System and the Enteric Nervous System as it relates to Your personal energy. Her work has taken a new focus of balancing this vital feedback loop to assist patients in a more comprehensive and foundational way. When the state of this system is brought into balance a natural re-engagement to creativity, intuition and joy becomes more accessible.

Maria Zilka is the co-owner and director of Immersion Health in Portland, Oregon. Along with co-owner, Dr. Greg Nigh, she has operated this successful Naturopathic clinic for over 10 years and has 14 years of clinical experience working in the field of nutrition. The primary focus of the clinic work includes cancer treatment and support, auto-immune dysfunction, toxic exposure mitigation and gut health/digestion rehabilitation. Maria and Greg have formed a unique and significant partnership by combining the efforts of the physician with individualized nutrition therapy to optimize treatment outcomes for each patient.

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