The Living Theosophy Project

Sparks Ascending

S P A R K S   A S C E N D I N G

“From the upper part [of the higher mental body] there ascends a crown of brilliant sparks, indicating the activity of spiritual aspiration.”

— Geoffrey Hodson
[as seen clairvoyantly]

The Living Theosophy Project celebrates Theosophy in Portland, past, present, and future.  Over 100 years of speakers, study, a lending library, conferences, healing groups and more. Over 100 years of individuals, with their own particular stories, coming together in the larger story of bringing the insights of Theosophy to others.

The project tells many of these personal stories in the detailed context of the Lodge’s history.  Combining a remarkable collection of original documents and recent interviews, the project shows how one group of theosophists set out to walk a spiritual path, to live out Theosophy in today’s tumultuous world.

L.W. Rogers World Mother Portland Lodge
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