Seven Proven Steps to Become Your Higher Self

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
December 1, 2:00 PM • Presented by Sue Prescott, MSW

Spiritual teachers and gurus emphasize getting in touch and becoming one with our Higher Self. How is this done? What actions are taken to complete this? From the many guidelines that have been taught, the top 7 practical steps will be discussed that teach us to purify ourselves and tune our vehicles of consciousness—the mind, heart and body—to become one with the consciousness of the Divine Self. Continue reading

Conscious Energetics

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
November 17, 2:00 PM • Presented by Ron Karsten, MSM

Examine the impact of conscious intent as you review the potential of using Chakras and Sephirot from the Tree of Life as tools to communicate effectively with others. Review your personal abilities in terms of how you perceive the world and how you use this perception to apply your preferred style of interpersonal communication. Review the effectiveness of your interactions and consider synchronizing and aligning various skills you can use in your daily routines. Continue reading

Wisdom from the Yoga Sutras

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
October 20, 2:00 PM • Presented by Judith Sugg, Ph.D.

Practices like meditation and yoga are hailed today for their health value, but their meaning and power is far deeper and richer. In yoga, true freedom happens in the place of stillness. In the classical yoga philosophy, what is Real is present everywhere, but ignorance of our true nature keeps us separate. This interactive talk focuses on the 2000-year-old compilation of experiments that form the basis for the practices of yoga for higher consciousness. Continue reading

Astrology • The Importance of Understanding Astrology

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
April 14, 2:00 PM • Presented by Judith Hill

Why are the “seven branches” of traditional astrology so valuable to humankind? Preventing surgical disasters, planning safe air travel, planting for abundant harvests and solving medical mysteries are all in the day’s work of a highly skilled traditional astrologer!  Surviving centuries of misrepresentation, ridicule and suppression, astrology continues today as a living and venerable science. Today, the field faces both significant new threats and fantastic possibilities!

Continue reading

Exploring Life’s Final Journey

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
March 17 2:00 PM • Presented by Patricia Fulbright

In time each of us will die, arriving at a place defined today by medical and legal benchmarks. Death and dying surround us as the shadow in the cycle of life. In the Phaedo, Plato guides us through a rich dialog of Socrates and friends on the day their teacher faces death. Socrates describes the art of dying as a process of separating the soul from the body and entering Hades, the mythic underworld. This presentation focuses on his art of dying.

Patricia Fulbright has presented courses on mythology and literature at Clark College. She is a lifelong student of Neoplatonic philosophy and ancient Greek literature.

The Power of Awareness

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
February 10, 2:00 PM • Presented by Pablo Sender, Ph.D.

Most of us deal with the challenges of daily living by means of physical, emotional and intellectual responses. Although this approach may be appropriate to cope with situations on a practical level, it is rarely able to address the root cause of the difficulties we encounter. But there is a faculty higher than the ability to act, feel and think, which can bring about a fundamental change in ourselves and in society. Continue reading

Kabbalah and the Sephirot: Personal Energy and Individual Potential

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
January 27, 2:00 PM • Presented by Ron Karsten

The symbolism of the Kabbalist Tree of Life is featured. The Sephirot, connections to astrology, numerology, angelic lore, tarot, and the interpretations of colors are discussed. Discover a way of thinking and concepts of relating and sharing. The study of the Tree of Life is a vital tool for self-discovery and profound inner knowing. Continue reading

Chakra System • Wise Use of Our Life’s Energy

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
December 2, 2:00 PM • Presented by Judith Sugg, Ph.D.

In Theosophy, we talk about the physical body and etheric form (the energy body) as enabling experience on the physical plane. In the esoteric anatomy of yoga, chakras fire or block specific energies of the personality. As the personality becomes more integrated, access to spiritual wisdom can come more readily and steadily. Continue reading

Meditation Program, Part B

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
November 18, 2:00 PM • Presented by Ursula Velonis, Ph.D.

We will provide space and time to share some of the meditation experiences with those present. We will also learn how meditation helps to purify, develop and refine the subtle bodies beyond the physical and etheric, including the mental and fiery.

Ursula Velonis is a speaker, writer, artist, psychotherapist, mentor, adjunct professor, and Higher Self Yoga Practitioner.