Conscious Energetics

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
November 17, 2:00 PM • Presented by Ron Karsten, MSM

Examine the impact of conscious intent as you review the potential of using Chakras and Sephirot from the Tree of Life as tools to communicate effectively with others. Review your personal abilities in terms of how you perceive the world and how you use this perception to apply your preferred style of interpersonal communication. Review the effectiveness of your interactions and consider synchronizing and aligning various skills you can use in your daily routines. Develop natural linguistics and set thought intentions that will reinforce communication abilities. Make the best possible use of your energy and anticipate meaningful outcomes.

Ron Karsten is a member of the Portland Lodge and a Life Member of the Theosophical Society in America. He has been active in Adult Learning at the University level for over 30 years. His encouraging style inspires others to seek long-term goals that reinforce harmonious and persistent outcomes. He thinks of developing true natural genius as a combinatorial process of discovering and facilitating the potential accomplishments of others.