Seven Proven Steps to Become Your Higher Self

Sunday Afternoon Public Programs
December 1, 2:00 PM • Presented by Sue Prescott, MSW

Spiritual teachers and gurus emphasize getting in touch and becoming one with our Higher Self. How is this done? What actions are taken to complete this? From the many guidelines that have been taught, the top 7 practical steps will be discussed that teach us to purify ourselves and tune our vehicles of consciousness—the mind, heart and body—to become one with the consciousness of the Divine Self. Join Sue Prescott as she explores the teachings stories and the guidance from spiritual traditions around the world that show us how to become effective channels for the Divine energy from our inner Spiritual Self.

Sue Prescott is a therapist, theosophist and frequent lecturer at the Seattle lodge and surrounding area. She is author of Realizing the Self Within—an overview of the concepts of spirituality that can be applied to relationships and self-improvement.